Our Family Jiapu 家譜/家谱 (nc)

Panorama Village Photo

龙头环(龍頭環)  Long Tau Wan Village, Zhongshan, China 1938




compliments of 周文焜

   Caption: Celebration Feast for the 1938 New Year and the Inauguration of Administration Chiefs Of District II in Zhongshan Municipality

Celebrating Joe Shoong
August 23, 2013 - 9:58:34 a.m.


Banquet by National Dollar Store employees for Joe Shoong August 1936



compliments of Jim Hang Jr


龙头环(龍頭環)村 Long Tau Wan Village, Zhongshan, China ~1940, 诵口碉堡 Song Watch Tower
January 30, 2013 - 11:00:59 p.m.

compliments of Larry Wong of Vancouver, BC

Welcome to Doug's Family Heritage Project
January 16, 2011 - 1:47:43 a.m.

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Probably not. But if your surname is Joe , Tse , Ying 應 Zheng 鄭 Kong 孔, Two JakesJack Nicholson Henry Joe or Young , there's a chance you're related to me. This might not be as immediately awesome as being related to Kublai Khan but who knows, if we get enough relatives together maybe we can invade a small third world country and set up a utopia.

If you came to this site via a search engine, or have wandered here from a forum post, request an account to peek inside.

I’m trying to put a Western spin on classical Chinese genealogy. While traditionally the Chinese keep meticulous family records, they focus on paternal lines. But modern families are diverse and adherence to the paternal side neglects the wonderful diversity of familial relationships, many of which are based on marriage, adoption, and legal custodianship.  

If you are in any way connected to me, please ask for an account.
Q) Are you my rich uncle?
A) No. My family has already bled me dry.
Q) Will this cost me anything?
A) No.
Q) Why would I want to do this?
A) Well, there are so many reasons!

  • I have done a lot of work on my family heritage, and want to share this work with potential relatives. I have yet more to add and digitize the extensive data from several jiapus  家譜.
  • I am looking to collaborate with others.
  • The teacher part of me wants to help you build your family tree.

Q) How do I sign up?
A) When you're ready click on "Request a new user account" link below.
Q) Wait-wait-wait. I have to 'request' an account?
A) No, you don't. But you won't be able to view details of people who are alive. If you only want to check out a bunch of dead people, then you don't need to register at all.
Q) How do I find family members on this thing?
A) Either look at the lists of names via the various "Chart" options or Search for a name.
Q) Sweet. Can I use Chinese characters?
A) Yes.
Q) What about security?
A) I take privacy seriously.  This site has several levels of privacy access, 2 levels of user verification, and the ability to send out notifications if there’s a suspected breach in privacy. I intend to protect our data vigorously. Just think of me as the Kublai Khan of data protection.
Q) I have some more questions.
A) The Help ?  page  and the Wiki have a lot details about the software in general. If you have specific questions about this site you can send me a message via the link at the bottom of each page.

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